Town of Beverly Beach, Florida

The Little Town with a Good Heart! 

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January 17, 2018

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Welcome to the Internet site for the Town of Beverly Beach, Florida. We hope you enjoy your visit and will come back often to keep up with news about our oceanside community.

Please be sure to click on the "News and Events" tab above for important information about upcoming meetings, public hearings, new Ordinances and other information of interest to residents and visitors, and to access a copy of our periodic newsletter, Beach Buzz.

If you are a resident of Beverly Beach, we invite you to stop by the Town Office and introduce yourself to our Town Clerk, Donna Francis.  Say hi to the Mayor, Steve Emmett, or whoever else happens to be in and out.  We want to get to know all of our residents and we want all of you to be involved in our Town's activities.  Like all other towns, Beverly Beach needs energetic, informed residents to ensure that our Town remains the wonderful place it was when each of us decided to live here.  We welcome your input and look forward to sharing information with you.  Come back often!

If you are from outside Beverly Beach, we warmly invite you to "come on down."  We'd love to have you stop in at the Town Office and introduce yourself.  Who knows?  You just might become a resident - many have!  The Town Hall is also "pet friendly" and welcomes short visits from our residents' and guests' animal friends.  Please though - no snakes (it happened once)!

If you ever have a comment, compliment, question, suggestion, or even a complaint about the Town, give us a call during office hours, or e-mail the Town Clerk at the e-mail address below.  Please feel free to browse our site pages.  We encourage, welcome, and appreciate any public input that will help us to make the site more informational and user-friendly!

Town Hall Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday
(excluding holidays observed by Flagler County)
10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Town of Beverly Beach

2735 N Oceanshore Boulevard (State Road A1A)
Beverly Beach, Florida 32136
Web Site:
E-mail the Town Clerk:
Telephone: 386.439.6888
FAX: 386-439-3202